Advantages of a Catayak compared to a Kayak

Safety and Stability:
Catayaks will not dump you in the water like a normal kayak. They have the 2 hull stability of a catamaran. If you decide to leave the Catayak, you can easily reenter. There is no need take lessons to learn kayak capsize recovery skills (aka solo recovery, rodeo entry and the paddle float assisted reentry). A 2-day entry-level kayak safety course can cost $500 just to learn basic kayak skills.
Catayaks won’t get brittle after years of exposure to the sun like some kayaks will – which can cause a kayak to crack and sink suddenly without warning.
Won’t distort:
Catayaks are made of hydrex resin, which doesn’t distort or get brittle in hot or cold weather and will hold up for a lifetime of service, unlike many kayaks.
Speed and Maneuverability:
Catayaks have the ability to handle ocean swells and hold track without yawing. No yawing means more forward speed.
Catayaks can do it all! Recreation and Sport, Fish, Dive, Row, Paddle, Stand up Paddle, sail or add a trolling or outboard motor.
Won’t Swamp:
Catayaks are made with sealed hull construction offering superior buoyancy – it can’t get swamped. Also, it’s self bailing if water enters the seating area.
Catayaks have a comfortable chair with full back support. Your legs won’t go numb and you’ll stay dryer – you’re not down inside a kayak hull that may have water in it. Also the seat is adjustable fore and aft, allowing you ample leg room.
The Ultimate Workout Machine:
Catayaks offer a low impact exercise platform that can’t be beat. Sit down paddling, stand up paddling and rowing each use different muscles. The combination of all three will work all your muscle groups – arms, chest, back, abdominals, upper legs and lower legs.